A tribute to Demetrio Stratos

Patrizio Fariselli © Roberto Cifarelli

Patrizio Fariselli with Area Open Project for a special event dedicated to the late Area singer, Demetrio Stratos, on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Friday 16th July,  18.00 (conference and documentary projection) 

at 21.00 the concert with  Patrizio Fariselli and Area open project, featuring Claudia Tellini (vocals), Caterina Crucitti (bass) and Giovanni Giorgi (drums) with tracks from the newest album, “100 Ghosts”,  released via Warner Music and some Area classics as well. La band debuted on 18th April 2019 at Blue Note in Milan and played at Jazz Re:Found in Cella Monte (Al), one of the most interesting events dedicated to contemporary jazz and its evolutions.

Palazzo Mezzanotte (Borsa), piazza Affari, 6 – Milano – free admission