Luigi Cinque & Hypertext O’rchestra at La Notte Della Taranta

Memories, storytelling and the borders between tradition and jazz. 

Luigi Cinque’s Hypertext O’rchestra featuring Petra Magoni, Alfio Antico, Riccardo Fassi, Badara Seck, Alessandro Santacaterina, i Tarantolati di Agostino Cortese.

Luigi Cinque is presenting a special set for La Notte della Taranta, the biggest event dedicated to folk music and tradition in Italy with a line-up that mixes some of the best tradtional players with musicians from the jazz area. 

Petra Magoni – vocals

Luigi Cinque  – sax, clarinets, vocals and live electronics. 

Alfio Antico – frame drums and vocals

Badara Seck –  Griot vocals

Riccardo Fassi – keyboards

Alessandro Santacaterina – Chitarra battente

Tarantolati di Agostino Cortese – cubba cubba

Musician, director, cultural events organiser, poet and ethonmusicologist.

Luigi Cinque has crossed all this in his career began during early 1970s as wind instruments player for Il Canzoniere Del Lazio, ensemble that mixed the Italian folk revival with jazz and funk, political statements and improvisation.

He is also the author of “Kunsertu”, now reprinted as “Kunzertu 77 18”, a research on the Italian folklore that became the reference book for a generation of ethnomusicologists who wanted to reappropriate and take control of their Southern and Mediterranean root, in a contemporary way.
In the expanded edition, Luigi Cinque moved from a technical and academical approach to a more narrative and personal direction, talking about the encounters with some of the greatest artists in all the fields, from Pier Paolo Pasolini to Demetrio Stratos (who used to teach with Luigi at Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan), from Alan Lomax to Ornette Coleman and further, to Ustad Bismillah Khan.

It’s jazz, contemporary, classical and world music too, even it starded before the term was invented.

Luigi Cinque as a cultural organizer directed several festivals, building a language that crossed the cultures of Mediterranean: physical, cultural nonetheless religious borders too.

Every year he’s in charge of directing and organising the Saint Stephen’s day concert in the Roman Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, where musicians of different backgrounds and sometimes religions, give birth to a new form of Sacred Music composition.

His list of collaborations is endless, but some musicians had closer ties with him, from Alexander Balanescu to Petra Magoni, Antonello Salis and Patrizio Fariselli, who often took part in his operas, or Jewish cantor, Emil Zrihan and duduk maestro, Djivan Gasparyan.

His works have been performed worldwide, from Brasil to Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, Yemen to Pakistan, always with the special contribution of local orchestras and musicians.

The new upocoming project is a collective work produced by Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti (Modena, Italy) and the Opera Theatre of Novi Sad (Serbia) which is going to be premiered in May 2020.

He’s currently working on his new album, “Post- Human Circus” that will feature Alexander Balanescu, Alessandro Santacaterina, virtuoso of Calabrian instrumenti, chitarra battente, Petra Magoni and many others…

As a movie director, two of his most renowned works are “Transeuropae Hotel” a road movie but also a reflection on music and magic and “A Fabuolous Trickster”, dedicated to Antonio Infantino, one of the most original characters of Italian roots folk music, whose music, taranta, represent one of the most ancient forms of folk espressione, and has a deep connection with Shamanism, and trance phenomena.