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Area open project

We are proud to announce on our roster Patrizio Fariselli, a very important musician in Italy and beyond, one of the founders of Area – International POPular Group nonetheless the one and only member appearing in every Area line-up.
An history made of the highest quality and creative levels, with Area open project and as a solo artist.
Area are simply a legend in Italian music and known worldwide for their great energy, playing skills and songwriting, mixing Jazz, Progressive Rock and Word Music since 1972 and for Demetrio Stratos unforgettable vocals. He has always been remembered as one of the greatest Italian singers ever. Area are considered an influence for many musicians from Mike Patton to jazz players.

Shows available:

  • Patrizio Fariselli / Area open project featuring Claudia Tellini (vocals), Caterina Crucitti (bass) and Giovanni Giorgi (drums) – “100 Ghosts” album tour

  • Patrizio Fariselli / Area open project featuring Claudia Tellini (vocals), Marco Micheli (bass) and Walter Paoli (drums)

  • Patrizio Fariselli – piano solo concert

Area today:

Patrizio Fariselli at the end of 2018, released via Warner Music two works “Area -1978, gli dei se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano!” remastered from the original tapes and his solo album “100 Ghosts” which collects original compositions and revisited archaic music, a mix of electronic, jazz, progressive and world music influences.

Area open project

A new live line-up combining the highest technical levels with a disruptive energy with which introduces the new album “100 Ghosts” and the iconic bands’ greatest hits (Cometa rossa, Luglio agosto settembre nero, Gioia e rivoluzione etc.). Along with the well-established collaboration with the star player drummer Giovanni Giorgi, the open project has been joined by the young talented bass player Caterina Crucitti and Claudia Tellini’s incredible voice already appreciated for her brilliant performances on Area’s classics. Area’s music is rarely covered by any artist, beacuse it’s challenging from a technical and emotional point of view.

In addition to the new compositions featured in the album, the repertoire is a journey between world and ethnic sounds (with very ancient tracks /pieces, whose notations are going thousands years back) experimentally reinterpreted according to Area’s typical background.

Fariselli, together with his extraordinary musicians, leads the audience on a journey through time between fascinating and engaging atmospheres, where exoticism meets the unprecedented.

Patrizio Fariselli – solo

After the experience of the album “Area, variazioni per pianoforte”, Patrizio Fariselli extends his solo repertoire integrating it with some of his most recent compositions. An amazing experience for those who have followed his career since the very beginning and for all music lovers.

Booking –

Govind Singh Khurana +39.348 8836595

Area 1978 – gli dei se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano!
Remastered by Andrea Pettinelli de Lo Zoo Di Berlino released by Warner Music