Lo Zoo Di Berlino

Lo ZOO di Berlino is an Italian instrumental act, mixing post-rock with electronics, contemporary sounds and influences from the great Italian masters of Italian progressive rock. The band is active also as a production team, sessionmen and producer, and had the chance to work alongside the masters of the genere, from Gianni Nocenzi and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso to Rovescio Della Medaglia and many others, including Patrizio Fariselli, keyboard player and pianist of the legendary band AREA International POPular Group. The first side of “Resistenze Elettriche” is a live tribute to Area, and some classic themes are played and developed thorugh radical improvisation, like a 70s jam, with a moden attitude and giving the audience the impression of traveling back in time, during the great festivals of Progressive or Rock in Opposition.  3 tracks from the Area repertoire,”L’Internazionale”, the hymn of workers all’around the world, “Arbeit Macht Frei”, from their debut album, and “L’Elefante Bianco”, from “Crac!” and a brand new version of “Aria”, from Patrizio Fariselli’s new album, “100 Ghosts” released in 2018 via Warner Music.

The second site is made of 4 original instrumentals by the band with its own signature sound, based on keyboards, bass and drums, in total absence of guitars. De Waiting War” is inspired by the Futurist composter Franesco Pratella, and it features the sound of Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori and theremin, played by Andrea Pettinelli followed by “Control Freak” an abstract funk imagined to condemn all the comtemporary asymmetric warfare. “Ganz Egal Marcela Lagarde” is dedicated to the Spanish activist who invected the word “Femicide” and it features sampled vocals from Christiane Felscherinow aka Christiane F. The album is closed by an instrumental version of “Bella Ciao”, the hymn if the Italian resistance against nazi-fascism that becomes like a movie theme.


Live Bootleg (2005) // Articolo Uno (2012) // Rizoma – pre release (2013) // Rizoma – Elements (2016) featuring Elio, Patrizio Fariselli, Dario Fo // Dial Pop (2017) featuring Rovescio della Medaglia, Patrizio Fariselli, Howie B // Stereocosmica (2017) with Gianni Maroccolo, Ivana Gatti e Marcello Ravesi (L’ipotesi di Aspen).


The band is an atypical rock trio: no voice, no guitar, yet there is a pop flavor in their music. An eclectic way of making post-rock. The band debuted during the world tour of the Italian rock band Il Balletto di Bronzo The guys of “Lo ZOO di Berlino” had an early start for their career by working with the best Italian progressive rock bands: Area andd the musicians of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Vittorio Nocenzi and Rodolfo Maltese (produced by Keith Emerson) and Gianni Nocenzi, piano player and composer.. The band founded a production company: “Consorzio ZdB” and is currently working with many Italian estabilished acts.


1. Internationale Impro ft P. Fariselli / 2. Eléphant Blanc Impro ft P. Fariselli / 3. Arbeit Impro ft P. Fariselli / 4. Aria (di P. Fariselli) / 5. De Waiting War (from Pratella’s War) / 6. Control Freak / 7. Ganz Egal Marcela Lagarde / 8. Bella Ciao

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