Gianni Nocenzi

Gianni Nocenzi, together with his brother Vittorio, founded  Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso in the late 60s, and since then he wrote some of the most important pages in Italian progressive rock music, thanks to the influence of his classical and academinc background.

In 1985, after 13 albums and hundreds of shows, Gianni left the band to follow his own solo patch. Since then he released three solo albums that are considered masterpieces, between classical and electronic music. 

“Empusa” was released in 1988 via Virgin classical music division and the recevied award at the Venice film festival for the soundtrack of “Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes” by Argentinian filmaker Fernando Birri, from a novel by Gabriel Garcia Màrquez . In 1993 he released “Soft Songs”, an international album featuring Ryuchi Sakamoto, Norihito Sumitomo and the voices of Sarah Jane Morris, Sonny Southon, Andrea Parodi and Tazenda.

In 2016 he recorded his first piano solo album “Miniature”, and since that he started performing live again.