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Kunsertu” was the first book by Luigi Cinque, musician, ethonmusicologist, poet, director and cultural activist, published in 1977. Since then it became the reference book for all the musicians that studied the Italian and mediterrnean folk tradition. His career started as a wind instruments player with Canzoniere Del Lazio, a band that mixed the freeform jazz rock attitude with Italian roots and folk music. Since then he worked with many lengendary acts, from Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso to Jannis Kounellis, Nanni Balestrini, Pina Baush and many others, composing music for theatre and movies.

During 40 years of career, Luigi Cinque has crossed many borders both geographical and cultural, met and performed alongside with Arab classical orchestras in Yemen, Brasilian musicians influenced by the African rythms and religions, with contemporary poets,masters from the western academical world and from the Eastern Asian tradition, like Bismillah Khan and “Faboulous Tricksters” like Antonio Infantino. Extraordinary encounters with Ornette Coleman, Steve Lacy, Amiri Baraka, Peter Gabriel, Jivan Gasparyan, Alan Lomax or Demetrio Stratos, just to name a few, added other perspectives to his works.

Kunzertu 1977 / 2020” is a collection of these tales and encounters, that brought Luigi Cinque all around the world,crossing boundaries beteween cultures and having on stage musicians of different origins and religions, united for something higher. His album “Tangerine Café” is considered one of the masterpieces of world music.

Hypertext Duo – Luigi Cinque: saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, live electronics and vocals, Andrea Biondi – vibraphone

Also available with:

Antonello Salis – piano & keyboards / Riccardo Fassi piano / Alexander Balanescu – violin.

Show lenght: 50/70 minutes featuring Luigi Cinque original reperoire and adaptations from Coltrane, Cage, Maderna, Monteverdi and others.

Trio: Luigi Cinque – saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, live electronics and vocals, Antonello Salis – piano & keyboards, Andrea Biondi – Vibraphone

Both lineup feature top level international musicians, united by an unique love for Mediterranean folk, jazz improvisation, and contemporary classic and electronics.

Hyperduet with Antonello Salis:

Concerto per Materadio (Radio 3) dedicato ad Antonio Infantino con Antonello Salis:–0055d340-4a7d-43d8-875d-fef90b27bfcc.html

Medquartet (etno – folk – world Mediterranean)

An open lineup built by Luigi Cinque around the concept of the Souther Italian folk roots and it opens to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, the perfect meeting for instruments like Chitarra Battente and Duduk, Ouds and santur, lyres and other sounds.

The lineup can change but it always include an artist from the mediterranean area.

Luigi Cinque, Alireza Mortazavi e Gabriele

Tarantella Stanca:

Luigi Cinque on Wikipedia: